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After years of negotiation and waiting, video gaming is finally available in Illinois. Statewide sales are estimated at over $1 billion per year and, by law, 35% of revenues must be paid to the site owner.

Utilizing the examples of other states including Louisiana, Oregon and West Virginia, Illinois has developed a system that keeps gaming above board with strong regulatory oversight effectively elminating the market for the illegal "gray game" activities. This system will attract a broader audience, reduce crime, add jobs, support local businesses and communities and supply state revenue without increasing taxes.

Discover More About Illinois Gaming

Illinois Video Gaming Advertising Policy - View and download the full advertising policy released February 1, 2017.

Video Gaming is Coming to Illinois - Detailed information on establishment and operator responsibilities, revenue sharing and expected revenue performance.

Video Gaming: Myths vs. Realities -  Are you and your community concerned about bringing video gaming to the table? Separate fact from fiction.

Video Gaming FAQ - Frequently asked questions regarding the Video Gaming Act and Video Gaming License Applications.

Municipalities Prohibiting Video Gaming - View a list of Illinois municipalities that have opted out of Video Gaming opportunities.

Illinois Video Gaming Updates from the Illinois Gaming Board - Get a run-down of Illinois Video Gaming requirements, information and a list of licensed video gaming terminal operators.